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Issues with Skype Login due to new Ransomware


Issues with Skype Login due to new Ransomware

Skype users have been warned for updating their security protection due to the discovery of nasty new ransomware campaign. The users of messaging and video call software of Microsoft have note a huge rise in new ransomware that is targeting their Windows devices through the computer adverts.

For more information, you can take Skype support.

The adverts have been able to download and install the vicious malware on the device of the victim, potentially leaving them at the risk of their devices being hijacked.

This news was uncovered in a Reddit Thread, where multiple Skype users informed about their complaints related to the malware.

The compromised adverts pretend to be the updates for the Adobe’s much slandered Flash software, which has proved a happy hunting ground for cyber criminals and hackers in the past time. Users noticed that attack looks like it downloads and installs the infamous Locky ransomware, which has inundated the online world for quite some time. The suitably named Locky shuts the users out of their devices and encrypts all their files, and it only releases the properly when a Bitcoin ransom is paid.

Many users have also noticed that the affected ads appeared in the Skype mobile app which is supported with advertising. Due to this the users are having the issue of Skype Not Working properly. However, the desktop Skype app was also compromised, with the users potentially putting their login details at a risk each time they entered the service. For more information, or in case of any query, you can take Skype help.

Microsoft has urged the users to exercise the caution saying in a statement that the company is aware about the social engineering technique that could be used for directing some customers to a malicious website. The tech giant also said that the company always continue to encourage the customers for exercising the caution when they open the unsolicited links and attachments from both known and unknown sources and install and regularly update the anti-virus software that they are using.

The ransomware has grown in popularity in the recent years as hackers have got continue success by using this tactic. Recent figures revealed that more than half of all British businesses have been targeted by ransomware attack in the past twelve months. The hackers often disguise the warning as coming from the law enforcement or government agencies warning the users that they are being suspected of illegal or criminal activity, which often scares them into paying up something.

Microsoft has also released a new research that shows how Windows 10 software can be the first line of defense against the terrifying viruses and malware due to which your computer shut downs. The company has hailed the safety attributes of Windows 10 many times in the past and not the company claims to prove it. Microsoft has also urged its business users to upgrade to Windows 10 as most of the users are still running on Windows 7, which doesn’t offer the same scale of security as offered by Windows 10.

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Published by , 20.04.2017 at 08:57
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