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Main article: Skype not connecting

Microsoft Annouced New Features For Skype For Business

The announcement has been made by the Microsoft that it will do the addition of two latest call aspects to ‘Skype for Business Cloud PBX’ on 27th of March.

The ‘Auto Attendant’ function enables automatic responding forwarding to incoming calls. In addition, the ‘Call Queues’ (incoming call queuing) function enables you to send incoming calls to communicator individual in order to arrival.

These aspects were announced at the Enterprise Connect 2017 conference in Orlando, Florida from the similar day.

The addition of this function to the Skype for Business service came out almost at the similar time as powering the corporate function by rivals in the cloud field. While Amazon Web Services (AWS) has entered the online conferencing service field with ‘Amazon Chime’, ‘Hangouts’ for business has been updated by Google.

The announcement has also made buy the Microsoft about the release of a preview version of the latest; Skype for Business Call Analytics’ dashboard at the conference. This dashboard motives to offer IT professionals with visibility of calling problems.

In 2015, Microsoft will offer Skype for Business as part of the high-end ‘Office 365 E5’ plan with three fresh ‘Skype Meeting Broadcast’, ‘Public Switched Telephone Network Conferencing’ and ‘Cloud PBX with PSTN Calling’ added a service. With Cloud PBX with PSTN Calling, users will be able to get normal calls from Skype for Business clients, adjust holds, resume, send, and forward forwarding.

In the previous six months, the company has integrated with ‘iOS’ ‘CallKit’, and did addition of Skype for Business client for Mac as well a new ‘Skype for Business Server’ that links on-premises PNX and ‘Skype for Business Online’ Cloud Connector ‘ edition, like PSTN Conferencing and PST Calling.

In addition to this popular application, there is another news that ‘Universal Windows Platform (UWP)’ application of ‘Skype for Windows 10’ has completed the preview phase. Microsoft revealed the preview from the similar application as well as assistance for ‘Skype SMS’, a function to search a particular message via Skype chat, change microphone and camera during Skype call, new it added that it added functions like sending to the device.

Microsoft (currently) continues to offer a richer Win32 version in counterpart with the Universal Windows Platform version Skype client.

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