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The Release Date for Google Pixel 2 confirmed for 2017

The senior vice president of hardware of Google, Rick Osterloh attended Mobile World Congress last week and confirmed what everyone was waiting to hear. There will indeed be a Google Pixel 2, and it will be released some point later this year. Here’s everything that you need to know or you can also take Google Pixel Support:

Google Pixel 2 Coming

The headman of the hardware of Google revealed that the new smartphone will be coming but he hasn’t specified any date for it, when the handsets will hit the market. He even didn’t tell that whether the same partner has been used for production or not. Expect the confirmation about the existence and that it is coming in 2017, the least has been unveiled.

If you are a fan of Google handsets and you are waiting the brand to go in the same direction as the Nexus lineup and offer the affordable prices, then sorry to say that you will be disappointed because Oeterloh indicated that Pixel line including Google Pixel 2 will remain premium handsets. For more information please refer Google Pixel Guide.


Osterloh said that you can count for the successor the Pixel phone even if you don’t hear any date from me. If we follow the above statement, then we can expect the release date for Pixel2 will be later this year. Google Pixel and Pixel XL both were released in October 2016, so if 12-moth cycle is to be adhered, then Pixel 2 will release in October 2017.

Android Oreo 8.0

Just like the 2016 devices were first to run on the Android Nougat. It is being assumed that Pixel @ will the first one to run the Android Version 8.0 Oreo. The version is yet to be confirmed by search giant, however there are plenty or rumors going through. For any kind of information, Google Pixel Help can be taken.


Osterloh failed to reveal any specifications for Pixel 2, but rumors are already rife what might be the specs for the new phone. One such rumor says that google is working with the likes of Qualcomm to decide about the CPU. Additionally, there might be the inclusion of the technology from Intel this year. This will be known as Specialized and no detail is available for it. In 2016, we saw two smartphone devices breaking onto the market that quickly match the flagships. But in 2017 the new device is expected to receive many improvements that will include more storage, improved chipset and more RAM. You can take Google Pixel Com Support in case of any query or difficulty.

Stock Availability

There is no doubt that Google is on the winning track with its smartphone lineup of Google Pixel Setup., but with some harsh lessons. Extended periods of handset shortages have become the norm for the Pixel so far and the search giant should concentrate on it, if its next device must compete with the flagships smartphones.

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